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As we close the book on this chapter, I have some things I'd like to share.
Bird Song Used Books existed for at least 20 years before an accident of fate put it into our keeping for the past 18. Tending this strange little field has been my true delight, frustration, and oddly enough, my salvation.
First, thanks to Brad & Hue for thinking Asa and I would be the right people to bring Bird Song back, literally, from the ashes. It was difficult in every way imaginable, those first few years, but damned well worth it by the end.
Thanks to all the folks who worked for us, formally and informally - Gretchen, Suzan, Karl, Shaun The Nebula, T.J., Romy (all too briefly), Catherine, and Jean. Without you all in your own special ways I would have lost my mind and given up time after time.
Thanks to the dozens of volunteers who helped us set up shop back in '97, giving us a hand with moving from Harvard to University & Central, and again with the move here to Washington - most especially Neal, Martie, Allison, Lynx, Owen B., Becca, and the man of the hour - Virgil (and Virgil). I'm ashamed to say so many names have fallen out of my immediate memory, but everyone's contributions at the time were deeply, deeply appreciated.
Thanks to our great accountant and his talented office manager, Owen & Sue Fallon. You saved us much worry (and money) over the years - and your professionalism, sound advice, and in particular your kindness after Asa passed away were more appreciated than I can ever express.
Thanks to the great book selling community here in Albuquerque - a finer, odder bunch of folks you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere. Least competitive, most supportive, total throwbacks all - your combined wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it never ceased to amaze.
To the movie makers (amateur & pro), scavanger hunters, annual tourists, regulars, irregulars, wedding parties, birthday parties, and first date parties, "colorful characters" (putting it kindly), hustlers, dreamers, book scouts, good ol' boys, and genteel ladies - thank you for making every day so damned interesting.
Lastly, many thanks to the brilliant, generous, and altogether good-looking book lovers who found our efforts worthy of their support through the years. And thank you all for your good wishes for my retirement.
It has been my deepest joy to be a small part of Albuquerque's literary history and I know Asa felt the same, and joins me in wishing you all peace, love, and good reads -
24 December 2015

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There won't be any more of these, but we sure had fun with this for the last 18 years. Tell you what - here's a little call-back to our beginnings:


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DID YOU KNOW: No one knows the exact age of Bird Song Used Books, but everyone agrees - it's old enough to know better.

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